The Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences
Called to learn deeply about nature and essences and weave their wisdom into your life and creations?


The Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences is an accredited and insurable certification for Healers, Therapists, Spiritual Coaches, and Lovers of Nature who are called to move past trauma, shift limiting beliefs and deeply embedded emotional responses, so that they can embrace their unique magical selves and become empowered change-makers in the world.

If you are looking for a new life pathway and a way to integrate past trainings and experiences so that you can finally feel complete as YOU, we are here to help.

At Essentially Flowers we don’t just train you and certify you, we align you to the heart of nature and show you how to merge your newly found Nature Self (what we call your Nature Print) into your healing business through our Flower Business School (included in your Diploma Journey.)

Become an Expert and a Leader in the World of Transformation.  Heal yourself and your clients through our journey:
  • Clear past traumas and limiting energetic imprinting from your energy field
  • Learn how to BE on this Earth as a Healer and Empath, honouring your sensitivity and allowing it to be a sacred gift
  • Reclaim your own light and life purpose, understand what self-love and sovereignty really mean, and then pass this on to your own clients
  • Feel complete and confident in yourself as a Healer
  • Open your intuition, trust yourself and life again
  • Become a Modern Empowered Leader in the fields of the world of Flower and Vibrational Essences

Hello, I am Sara Estelle,

Founder and Visionary of the Essentially Flowers Centre for Flower and Vibrational Essences, Empowered Healer Business Programmes, and the Star of Gaia Priestess Process.

My healing journey began over 30 years ago following the early loss of my father.  Seeking help from an essence practitioner, my energy and well-being returned, and life continued.  Yet something within me had been awoken and healing from the grief of losing my father, I was opened to the gift of transforming my own health and life path with flowers, gems, and the devic kingdom as my guide.

A deepening of my healing took place throughout my 30s and into my 40s, as I walked the path of infertility and with essences guiding me all of the way.  Miscarrying our daughter brought the gift of an opening to my life work and a deep inner knowing that an energy had passed through me that would change my life forever. And it did.

In 2011, I founded my own Essence Training School and since then we have graduated over 85 wonderful souls whose lives were changed through deep connection with nature.

I went from being a struggling, burned out, and deeply unhappy teacher to now living in France with my partner and a beautiful business that opens my heart each day.

“The Diploma took me on the most transformative journey I have ever encountered, I am most definitely not the same person I was 2 years ago. The Diploma journey reaches deep within and allows you to become whole, strong and Empowered with renewed vitality and wisdom way beyond anything I could have imagined…….

The Diploma is completely unique, it is not just working through the modules and getting the work in on time like other modalities or courses. It takes you to another level of knowing and trusting.”

~ Alison Holloway, Diploma Graduate

Our Diploma is a professional qualification but first and foremost, it is a profound and life-changing journey.

Learn about modern flower essences and also the wonderful legacy left by Dr. Edward Bach and his 38 English flower essences.

Learn how to use the Bach essences not only internally (the traditional way) but also topically and on acupuncture points.

Learn to sense the energetic quality and message of different essences by experiencing a wide range of essences by producers from different continents – essences from around the world that have varying vibrations and healing qualities. By learning your own unique vibration through different essences, you are able to choose effectively for yourself and clients and offer a smooth yet deep healing journey.

Become an expert in the topical application of Flower Essences. Flower essences taken internally offer wonderful healing benefits yet when flower essences are applied to the skin as well as taken internally, we feel more alive and more connected to our true selves faster and with much less resistance. So you will also be learning about topical application of flower essences and you will learn about the invaluable modality of Floral Acupuncture.

Learn to feel the “essence” of each range and therefore their potential for you by exploring each module and listening to the interviews sent to you each month where I interview the top flower essence producers featured in this Diploma and by using the essences sent to you each month both internally and topically.

Learn which vibrations and energies suit your own constitution and as a result choose essences that resonate deeply within you. Each participant’s journey is unique yet also rich in experience and healing.

Develop an inner knowing of who you, transcend any life challenges and step into your own power.

Building a successful and healing business is a deep passion of mine – so your materials also support a creation of a healing business so that allows you to share your gifts immediately in a way that nourishes and nurtures you and your clients.

Emerge not only with a professional qualification but also the ability to guide clients and loved ones with their own healing and create a successful healing practice but most importantly emerge as a wiser, more confident YOU – more in touch with your heart’s desires and knowing the path to YOUR true potential.

“Despite being a successful aroma-therapist and business owner, I felt frustrated and knew there was something missing in my life. I joined the Essentially Flowers Diploma and reignited a passion and purpose in my own self and life. This supported me in launching a brand new business supporting women just like myself to know there is always hope and inspiration for life ahead whatever our age.​”

~ Chris Martin, Diploma Graduate

Course Syllabus

Learn about and experience multiple essence ranges during your essence journey

  • Bach Healing Herbs
  • Australian Bush Essences
  • Alaskan Essences
  • FES Essences
  • Indigo Essences
  • Spirit in Nature Essences
  • Flowers of the Orient Essences
  • The Atlantic Essences
  • Saskia’s Essences
  • Wild Medicine Essences
  • Moonflower Essences™
  • Wild Earth Animal Essences

Each of our 12 modules focuses on one of the above ranges.  By experiencing the energy of different essence ranges from different countries and varied essence-making processes you will learn the frequency of each range and therefore know your own energy frequency more deeply and trust your ability to choose essences for yourself and your clists.

Other ranges may also be discussed during thecourse.

“I am deeply grateful to the Diploma, which had been whispering to me in a number of ways throughout the years. As it happened the timing was perfect, as it embraced a deeply significant part of my life with the loss of my parents.

Through my own process I was able to really feel the depth of support of the nature kingdom. As we worked through the different modules exploring different producers, each flower, gem, plant and animal arrived as if by magic to assist and to deepen my awareness of the messages each held and for the way I began to sense and know how they could help so many others too. This combined with the support of the course, Sara and her team, allowed the process to deepen.

I am really excited to combine the essences into my existing practice. I see a clear path for using the essences alongside my work with client’s offering counselling, and sound and voice therapy, assisting in early developmental trauma and the transitional stages of life we all encounter.”

~ Caroline Barnes, Diploma Graduate

How does learning about different ranges of essences benefit me?
The experiencing of different vibrations of flower essences of varying colours, shapes and that grow in climates very different from your own is a way of fine-tuning the self to feel and attune with vibrations that are resonant with the Self. By learning to do this for yourself, you will then be able to do this for others. Working with the major international ranges of essences also helps you – as a practitioner – develop an extensive repertoire of knowledge.

The qualification is not dependent on any one range of essences. It is intended that on graduating from this course, you will have broad experience of many different types of essences/vibrations and therefore of which vibrations and ranges are resonant with you as a person/practitioner. You will have your own toolkit of essences that is unique to you and the work you are here to do.

Key Benefits

Step into your Divine Leadership and Become an Expert in the Use of Flower and Vibrational Essences of 12 Ranges from Around the World.
At the beginning of your journey we will send you by post the essences you will be taking each month. Each month you will be invited to take one of these essences in a specific sequence – and each month of your journey focuses on one of the 12 ranges we feature. You will be guided to choose essences for yourself each month in your workbook plus be invited to share and learn from other course participants. All of this helps to smooth and guide your path in unique and supported ways. Sara Estelle has been using vibrational essences for over 30 years and understands deeply how supportive this modality can be to help us navigate through life.
Learn to Use Flower Essences Topically
Learn About and Feel the Deep Support of Gem and Environmental Essences
Gem Essences feel different to flower essences – this difference in vibration is explored during our Journey together and brings a whole new dimension to healing. You are also encouraged to explore and experience environmental essences. Embracing these three key different aspects of vibrational medicine  vibrational essences allows you to develop into a highly attuned and experienced practitioner.
Become an Expert in Many Different Ranges of Flower Essences from Around the World
Each month you take a chosen essence from the Range of the Month and document your experience while taking it. By sequentially taking one essence from 12 different ranges, you experience the vibrational differences between each range and which vibrations best suit your own and your practice.

A whole module on the background and history of flower essences is included – including the study of Dr Edward Bach.

As a student of flower and vibrational essences, it is key we believe to honour the modern heritage of what you are learning. The Bach Essences are studied in Module One and you are encouraged to work with them in further modules so that on qualification, you have a working knowledge of this very valuable range.

Learn to Make Your Own Flower and Vibrational essences Using Traditional and More modern Approaches
You are encouraged to begin to make your own essences (flower, gem, colour, environmental) during this Diploma using the plants that grow in your neighbourhood. Your course materials give descriptions of different methods of making vibrational essences.
Learn Different Methods of Diagnosis Including Intuitive Diagnosis, Dowsing and Muscle Testing
Trial a selection of diagnostic methods of choosing essences – such as intuitive diagnosis, dowsing and muscle testing – and find the ones that suit you and the way you work. You will be amazed at how much your intuitive self develops during this Diploma and how you begin to just KNOW which essences you and/or your clients need.
Learn Methods of Dilution and Storage of Essences
You will learn how to make dosage bottles from stock dilution and the best ways to store your collection of essences. Flower signatures

Each flower, plant, tree speaks to us through its shape and colour – you will learn to recognise this language called the Doctrine of Signatures, which tells us much about the essence/the message of the plant.

Become an Expert in the Energies of Colour
You will be taking a journey each month through the colour wheel – white, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, turquoise, blue, indigo, violet, purple, magenta and crimson. Each month the essence you take will be of one of the above colours – and so your energy system will learn the vibration of each colour and which colour vibrations best suit you.
Experience Firsthand the Physical Body as Energy Through Learning About the Chakra System and Subtle Energy Bodies
You will learn to see yourself as a being of light – through the subtle energy bodies and the chakra system. Each month you will be reflecting upon the health of your chakras – visiting one of the major chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, thymus, brow and crown) and some of the minor chakras each month.
Treat Children and Animals in Your Practice
Each of the above is explored in detail in separate modules. Both animals and children love to take essences and you can be of great service by offering your services in this way.
Feel Confident as a Practitioner
In this Diploma course you are encouraged to reflect upon your own experience of being a listener and being listened to; we also cover the basic principles of counselling such as confidentiality, congruence, unconditional positive regard and empathy.
Study Plan Spirit Medicine and Meet the Elemental Beings that Overlight the Nature Kingdom
This is the basic premise of all that you learn in this Diploma – reconnecting back to plant consciousness and therefore how we are all part of the whole.
Keep Your Own Physical Space Clear with Flower Essences
Clearing external space is another way of facilitating huge shifts in your consciousness – detailed guidelines as to how to do this is covered in this Diploma

“Before I began the Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences, I was feeling lost and alone. I was going through a very emotional time in my life, and this led to anxiety and depression. I had followed my spiritual path for a number of years but it felt like I had fallen down a black hole into the darkness and I could not find a way out.

Now that I have graduated, I feel I have found myself and what I am on the earth to do. I value myself so much more now, knowing I can do everything and not doubting my abilities. I have more confidence in speaking in front of people, which I never had before. The Support throughout the Diploma was amazing. Taking the Flower Essence Diploma journey helped me to step up, step out, and speak up.”

~ Jan Coulson, Diploma Graduate

Why are we different from other Essence Trainings?

We are SO not just about ticking the boxes to get your qualification.

Here is how we support YOU! 

Your Coursework is read and responded to in-depth on a 1 to 1 basis by an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor who also happens to be an experienced essence practitioner. So 12 in-depth reports just for you.

We offer supported consultations as part of your journey – one of our experienced essence team members are there alongside you as you give a real life online consultation on Zoom following our professional guidelines and then this same person gives you an in-depth 1 to 1 support call.

“If I was to describe the course in 2 words it would be change and transformation, I began the course lacking confidence, and had many wounds from childhood. At the end of the diploma I have grown and transformed into a confident ambassador for the nature kingdom.

I was able to express my deepest feelings, as I felt confident to do so, this allowed for release and growth. Challenging energies that came up, was transformed with the knowledge taught on the course and with help of the essences. I discovered ways to use essences in baths, as aura sprays which I really loved. I have grown significantly. “

~ Linda Thomas, Diploma Graduate

There are 3 main areas we focus on during this journey.

Each of these 3 areas is needed for you to emerge as a whole, and healed Healer:

Co-Creating with Nature and Your Own Soul
Growing an Abundant and Thriving Business
  • Released and understood previous life experiences that had been stored in their energy systems
  • Been supported as they navigated life transitions such as grief, pregnancy, moving house
  • Found support for their children as they navigated their own life experiences
  • Found their true calling in life by surrendering to the process and releasing the old
  • Let go of tired and unhealthy relationships, developing new healthy boundaries
  • Found individual and safe ways to take part fully in life again by accepting and working with their sensitivity
  • 3 intensive online weekends where we deep dive with you around topics of empowerment for Healers such as Sovereignty, Embodiment, Opening to and Trusting your Intuition
  • Dowsing and Muscle testing classes
  • Supported Consultations where one of our Flower Team partners with you and witnesses a consultation you are offering online
  • Safe spaces are created for you to share your experiences with our Essence Tutor and receive her 1 to 1 guidance via your workbooks
  • Training in being in your heart, feeling and listening from your heart, and witnessing others from this same space
  • Small group reflective practice tutoring as you begin to gain your own clients and own ways of working
  • All the Diploma is held within the Crystalline Grid, offering solid and connected space to navigate your path in the most easeful ways
  • Safe and best practices for energy healers so that you stay safe and your clients feel safe
  • Finding a business model that works for you
  • Developing pricing that is a fit for your life and vision
  • Our Sovereign Sales Process
  • Monthly Q&As where you can ask me whatever you wish about growing your business
PLUS You get these generous bonuses included in this professional qualification, valued at over £800

Access to a full video series where I show you how to make your very own flower and environmental essences. Perfect for you if you are wishing to create your own flower essence range.

Value: £197

Access to a full video series where I show you how to make your own gem essences. A perfect complement to your flower essences.

Value: £197

Access to a Tai Chi energy balancing video. As a Tai Chi Instructor I know what a profound difference doing regular basic exercises like these can make. These exercises are wonderful daily grounding and balancing exercises – perfect to use before and after clients and to maintain your energetic balance as your practice grows.

Value: £97

Super bonus access to attend our Manifesting with the Moon New Moon Alignments held live each New Moon – for the duration of your time with us.

Value: £197

“I was new to nature essences but I really wanted to work with nature and bring it into my practice as a Craniosacral Therapist and Reflexologist. This was a transformational journey as it brings you in connection with yourself first before you can work with others. I learned so much about my own energy system which has been enhanced immensely. This isn’t just another diploma to add to my collection but a self-discovery and deeper understanding of my place in the world and how I can co-create with nature. I feel I am supported by the essences which is wonderful when we work by ourselves as therapists most of the time.

As my knowledge grew I felt confident enough to bring it into my practice and my clients love it. I work a lot with children and nature essences integrated seamlessly into our sessions. They call it their ‘magic potion’! The support that is on offer through out the diploma from Sara and her team is wonderful and comforting. You never feel alone which can is a big achievement being an online course. I wish everyone who takes this journey the very best life has to offer – you will not regret it.”

~ Adrienne Daly, Diploma Graduate

Meet Your Diploma Guides

Sara Estelle Turner

Sara Estelle is the Founder of the Essentially Flowers Centre for Flower and Vibrational Essences, a Mentor for her Empowered Healer programmes and a High Priestess of the New Earth. 

After overcoming severe anxiety with flower and vibrational essences in her 40s, Sara Estelle has committed herself support other Healers not only heal themselves with nature, but also integrate all of their experiences and healing modalities through the wisdom of nature and run thriving and abundant healing businesses by Becoming a Sovereign Healer

All our Flower Team work closely with Sara Estelle to ensure that all participants feel safe and supported personally and professionally.

Barbara Fisher

rbara was a counsellor/psychotherapist for 30 years and was an accredited practitioner with the B.A.C.P. (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) during that time. She is an Advanced Graduate Practitioner from the Essentially Flowers Diploma Course. During your time with us, Barbara will be reading and giving in-depth feedback on your monthly coursebooks in a 1 to 1 capacity – so 12 in-depth reports just for you.

Barbara is also your Guide when it comes to offering your case studies as part of your professional journey so that you emerge a wise, safe, and fully rounded user and expert practitioner of essences, however you go on to use them.

Sally Arthurs

Sally is your safe passage during your journey with us and is our Customer Experience Manager.  She has a deep understanding of the healing potential of this journey and brings her many years of intuitive multi-dimensional healing to our space.

Sally qualified with this very same Diploma in 2016 and has gone on to diversify her Essence work including co-creating her own range of Starlight Essences.

Michelle Nilson

Michelle holds our monthly online meetings (that we call Flower Circles) bringing her elemental wisdom and passion for nature and our Earth to our Diploma Journey. She loves to support our participants in feeling safe and heard and connecting them more deeply to the elemental energies that live within all of us

Michelle lives in Ireland and graduated from this Diploma in 2016 and has since grown her own nature based business and co-created her own range of Light Elemental Essences.

Emma Nixon

Emma is our Consultation Specialist and supports participants in becoming confident and skilled practitioners. We embrace the universal truth in this Diploma Journey that our clients are always reflections of ourselves. Emma holds deep healing spaces for our participants 

Emma comes from an academic background and essences brought her the life gift of living from her heart – since graduating from our Diploma in 2018, she has found and developed her own healing business and range of essences for sensitives of all ages.

Sharon Keenan

Sharon takes care of the Graduate programme for those who choose to continue being held in our care once they have finished their journey. Sharon has a deep and wise understanding of how essences can support us in regeneration life force on all levels and find joy and passion once more after trauma.

Sharon runs her own healing business and has her own range of Earth Song Essences and supports Sara Estelle and all Diploma participants and graduates with her wisdom, experience, and caring heart.

“I have just come to the end of this journey and took the full two years. It has been the most inspirational, magical and life-changing experience of my life, with the added bonus of an advanced essence practioner qualification too!

If you feel the call of nature and transformation, this is the place for you.”

~ Michele Bentley, Diploma Graduate

If the Nature Kingdom is Calling You, Here are Your Next Steps…

Your Investment Options

Our Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences is an accredited qualification and insurable via over 30 countries worldwide including the USA and Canada.

Full Pay


Installment Options

2 Monthly Installments of £2100 

15 Monthly Installments of £300

24 Monthly Installments of £200

Your investment includes all your digital training materials, 12 dosage bottles sent to you via post, your certification, your 3 online weekends, and support for 15 months. The support is our Facebook Community and all monthly meetings. Should you take longer than 15 months to complete your certification then you may finish on your own (you have 24 months maximum) OR take out our monthly support package 

The above investments do NOT include a payment of £199 to be made for the processing of your case studies – this does not need to be paid until the 2nd half of your journey OR your Anatomy and Physiology certificate should you need one.

Please see the FAQ section for more detail on the above.

Frequently Asked Questions
I only want a qualification and not the rest of what you offer. Is this possible?
No unfortunately not. Our qualification is multi-dimensional and created to give magical outcomes on all levels – supporting your own personal healing, the co-creation of your own unique skills through the filter of nature and building a nature based, feminine business. Our journey supports you to graduate as a whole and complete Healer, feeling safe to be you and safe to share. You’ll receive full supervision and guidance on how to fully integrate all your experiences with us into your work so that you not only personally heal but also be able to hold safe and sacred space for your clients to do the same. 
Do I need to have taken flower essences before I join?
No, it is not necessary to have taken essences – we teach you in-depth how to use and take them and the whole experience is underpinned by your own personal journey of taking essences and healing your own heart and experience of life so far.
Do I need prior qualifications to join?
No, you do not need prior qualifications to join us.  However, any personal or professional experience you have in supporting others to heal via other modalities will be helpful for your application.
How long do I have to complete my Journey with you?
You have 24 months in total to complete all materials, gain in-depth feedback and learn with us. The fastest you can complete is 15 months due to the time it takes for us all to heal, integrate and rebuild ourselves anew. Although so often we want results NOW, the truth is is that healing takes time especially when we go deep.
What happens if I do not complete within 15 months?
We have your back – the fastest you can complete is 15 months due to the deep journey you undertake with us. However, if you still have to complete work after 15 months has passed, you can join our support package designed for this purpose. Currently this investment for this is £49 per month.
Do I need to attend weekends with you in France?
No, all our Diploma is now online, including our intensive weekends that are held in the Spring, Summer, and Autumn of each year. Being online means you no longer need to organise costly trips away from your home and you can make and keep Flower Friends through our online community.
Are there ongoing costs after qualification?
Should you choose to use what we share with you on this journey, you will be required to be insured and accredited by a recognised organisation.  The costs of these are your own responsibility.  Once graduated, we invite you to join our Graduate group where you receive continued support, guidance, and supervision. This includes ongoing access to all Diploma materials as they evolve, support around business growth, and a listing in our Practitioners Directory online. The monthly investment for this is currently £55 per month.
I have another question.
Please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.