Focused Fairy

Elemental Alchemy Air Archetype

Hello Beautiful Focused Fairy…
Healers with the Healer Focused Fairy Archetype are known for their creativity, innovation, and excellent communication skills. With a strong Focused Fairy Healer Archetype, you possess a quick and adaptable mind, allowing you to generate novel ideas and see the bigger picture. As an Air type you are adept at networking and forming partnerships, using your intellectual prowess and perspective to drive your ventures forward. Your ability to think abstractly and embrace change makes you a natural visionary and strategist.

Your limitation may often lie in your tendency to be overly idealistic or abstract, which can lead to challenges in grounding your ideas into practical, actionable plans.

Focused Fairy Beliefs
  • I can often believe that traditional methods are less effective, so I constantly chase new trends, sometimes at the expense of proven techniques.
  • I tend to overlook the practical aspects of my business, focusing only on innovative ideas.
  • I fear that sticking to a routine or established methods will stifle my creativity and limit my potential.
  • My freedom is so important for me that I am reluctant to create structure and routine.
  • I tend to be sceptical of traditional or widely accepted practices, believing they may lack the innovation or depth I seek.
  • I believe that working at a slower pace or with more deliberate methods hinders my creative flow and efficiency
Focused Fairy Feelings
Feeling restless and impatient, finding it hard to stick with one approach or idea for long.
Feeling detached from the day-to-day practicalities of running my healing practice, focusing only on the bigger picture.
Feeling anxious about whether my ideas are creative and unique enough, leading me to constantly question my methods.
Feeling  overwhelmed by the multitude of ideas I have, struggling to focus and implement them effectively.
Feeling impatient for immediate results or recognition of my innovative approaches, leading to frustration when things take time to materialise.

How the Focused Fairy Shows Up In Personal Situations

Struggle with routines and maintaining consistent routines or engaging in repetitive tasks challenging, preferring variety and spontaneity, which can lead to a lack of structure. 

Overthinking and being prone to over analysing personal situations or relationships, which can create unnecessary complications or misunderstandings.

Impatiencewith the slower pace or practical concerns of others, leading to potential conflicts or strained relationships.

Disconnect and overlooking  the emotional aspects of personal interactions in favour of intellectual analysis or abstract thinking.

Restlessness and finding it hard to relax or enjoy leisure activities that don’t stimulate the mind, leading to a sense of dissatisfaction when you take time off.

How the Focused Fairy Shows Up In Business

Inconsistent Focus

Struggle with maintaining consistent focus on long-term business goals, often getting sidetracked by new ideas or projects.

Challenges with Practical Execution

Difficulty in translating innovative ideas into practical, actionable business strategies, impacting effectiveness.

Difficulty in Detail-Oriented Tasks

Detail-oriented tasks, such as financial management or administrative work are tedious, leading to potential oversights.

Risk of Doing Too Much

Tendency to take on too many projects or initiatives at once, driven by intellectual curiosity, which can lead to overextending yourself and burnout.

Communication Misalignment

While excellent at communicating ideas, there’s a risk of not aligning communication styles with different team members or clients, which can lead to misunderstandings or inefficiency.
Focused Fairy Healer Archetype
As a Focused Fairy Archetype Healer, recognising and addressing these limitations can help you create a more balanced approach in both personal and professional settings, allowing for a more integrated and satisfying life and work experience.
Where do I go from here?
The thing is that your Primary Elemental Healer Archetype is only one piece of your journey. There are 4 key Elemental Alchemy Healer Archetypes and you need each one to truly grow and experience success in your healing business. Knowing and healing all 4 is essential to uplevelling your beliefs, releasing your deepest fears and unlocking your maximum potential of the Magical Healer Within.

Here is a short overview of the other 3 Elemental Alchemy Archetypes that are limiting you (remember you have all 4 in you).

Grounded Goddess
The Grounded Goddess Healer Archetype embodies stability, reliability, and practicality. With a strong Healer Grounded Goddess Archetype you are exceptional at creating structure and order, making you a natural leader and skilled administrator. You excel in building long-term strategies and are adept at managing resources efficiently. Grounded and pragmatic, as an Earth types you provide a nurturing foundation, ensuring that your goals and ventures are sustainable and grow steadily over time.

However, your focus on stability and detail can sometimes lead to resistance to rapid change or innovation, which could limit your adaptability in fast-evolving situations.

Wealthy Water Spirit
As a healer with the Wealthy Water Spirit Archetype, your practice and business is deeply rooted in empathy, emotional intelligence, and intuition. You excel in nurturing and understanding the emotional needs of others, which makes you exceptional at forming meaningful, lasting relationships. Your ability to create environments of emotional safety and trust is a cornerstone of your healing and transformative work.

However, your deep emotional involvement sometimes leads to challenges. Being overly sensitive or taking on the emotional burdens of others can impact your well-being and decision-making. It’s crucial to recognize these tendencies to maintain your own balance and effectiveness as a healer.

Fiery Phoenix
Fiery Phoenix Archetype Healers are dynamic, passionate, and action-oriented. With a strong Fiery Phoenix Archetype you are a natural leader, radiating confidence and courage, often inspiring others with your vision and enthusiasm. As a Fire type you are adept at initiating and driving change, thriving in environments that require quick, decisive action. Your ability to take risks and your unwavering focus on goals makes you a powerful motivator and agent of transformation.

Your limitation, however, can be your impulsive nature and tendency to act without fully considering the long-term consequences or the feelings of others, which can lead to rushed decisions or interpersonal challenges.

However, your focus on stability and detail can sometimes lead to resistance to rapid change or innovation, which could limit your adaptability in fast-evolving situations.

Ether, the Merging of all 4 Elements…
You also have within you a merging of all 4 of these Elementals that is imprinted according to your own Sacred Design. We call this your Nature Print or Ether.

Ether is the space within you where as a Healer you transcend traditional boundaries and integrate your learnings from the other 4 Healer Elemental Archetypes into a holistic understanding of who you are. It is the binding force that permeates all things and brings unity to the other elements and where all of you merge in perfect harmony.

As a Healing Business Owner, the Ether Healer Archetype allows you to Create from your own Design by providing a framework for deep self-reflection, intuition, holistic understanding, and alignment with universal energies. This leads to the development of your healing business that is not only effective and transformative but also a true representation of your unique path and wisdom as a Healer, allowing you to create and offer services that are deeply aligned with your authentic self.

Are you ready to delve deeper into your journey and uncover transformative breakthroughs and results?

When you heal all 4 of these Elemental Alchemy Archetypes on multiple levels, you can truly Embrace that Magical Healer Within so you can lead yourself, your business and your relationships for true Inner Peace and Success.

Peace and Success – You Can Have Both.

Hello, I am Sara Estelle,

Founder and Visionary of the Essentially Flowers™ Centre for Flower and Vibrational Essences, Elemental Alchemy Business Academy, and the Star of Gaia Priestess Process.

My healing journey began over 30 years ago following the early loss of my father.  Seeking help from an essence practitioner, my energy and well-being returned, and life continued.  Yet something within me had been awoken and healing from the grief of losing my father, I was opened to the gift of transforming my own health and life path with flowers, gems, and the devic kingdom as my guide.

A deepening of my healing took place throughout my 30s and into my 40s, as I walked the path of infertility and with essences guiding me all of the way.  Miscarrying our daughter brought the gift of an opening to my life work and a deep inner knowing that an energy had passed through me that would change my life forever. And it did.

In 2011, I founded my own Essence Training School and since then we have graduated over 85 wonderful souls whose lives were changed through deep connection with nature.

I went from being a struggling, burned out, and deeply unhappy teacher to now living in France with my partner and a beautiful business that opens my heart each day.