The Star of Gaia High Priestess Process


Are you ready to step into your next level of wisdom?

Are you ready to become a powerful channel for the Divine Feminine?

Are you ready to activate your leadership skills and Financial Sovereignty?

We begin on Monday September 18th


This journey is only for those who have already taken a Priestess Process through this lineage and opens just once a year. Meetings will take place on Mondays at 3pm UK time.

What is a Modern Day High Priestess?

This level of the Priestess Process works deeply with the second chakra. The journey at High Priestess works to clear ancient blocked energies around the sexual, money and creation mysteries. These are blocks in the unconscious and subconscious that live and operate totally under our awareness.  We will never be able to claim our full power and stand in it until we  move them.

Once you do, you will reweave and uplevel each of those aspects of your life from the inside out and contribute to the collective field of New Earth.

Whereas a Priestess learns how to Hold Space for Herself and Find Sovereignty in her Own Life and Energy, a High Priestess now learns to Hold this same space for others.

A High Priestess Journey is therefore of huge benefit to those wishing to seed and grow their own mystery schools.

Hello, I am Sara Estelle,

High Priestess in the lineage of Nicole Christine, Lisa Michaels and Kathy Forest.

I am the Founder and Visionary of the Essentially Flowers Centre for Flower and Vibrational Essences, Empowered Healer Business Programmes, and the Star of Gaia Priestess Process.

My healing journey began over 30 years ago following the early loss of my father.  Seeking help from an essence practitioner, my energy and well-being returned, and life continued.  Yet something within me had been awoken and healing from the grief of losing my father, I was opened to the gift of transforming my own health and life path with flowers, gems, and the devic kingdom as my guide.

A deepening of my healing took place throughout my 30s and into my 40s, as I walked the path of infertility and with essences guiding me all of the way.  Miscarrying our daughter brought the gift of an opening to my life work and a deep inner knowing that an energy had passed through me that would change my life forever. And it did.

In 2011, I founded my own Essence Training School and since then we have graduated over 85 wonderful souls whose lives were changed through deep connection with nature.

I went from being a struggling, burned out, and deeply unhappy teacher to now living in France with my partner and a beautiful business that opens my heart each day.

Since completing the High Priestess Journey, I have found a deeper understanding and connection to myself and my gifts.

I have given a voice to my High Priestess energy and all that comes with it. I have learned to truly listen to what my body and the land I live on have to say, and listen to their guidance on most aspects of my life.

The High Priestess Journey is one of deep empowerment and radical transformation , it requires honesty of who we are, where we come from and what is preventing us from moving forward with our journey. It is about accountability and self responsibility and releasing fears, doubts or limiting beliefs and patterns and learning to trust and follow the High Priestess voice and guidance.”

~ Marie-Christine Matos, Star of Gaia High Priestess

Are you ready to…

Awaken deeper spiritual wisdom with the ancient alchemical mysteries and apply what you discover to every aspect of life, business, and ceremony?

Up-level your ability to actively apply the principles and tools found in nature to remove old patterns and actively direct the sacred forces of creation?

Strengthen your sacred connection to the as within/so without, as above/so below, as the universe/so the soul?

Clear ancient second chakra blocks and reweave your connection to the sexual, money, and creation mysteries?

Learn to to move and work with subtle energy?

Activate your Divine Feminine leadership sovereignty?

Since completing the High Priestess Journey, I feel more confident and trusting in myself and my intuition.

When I do not connect to my high Priestess self, I find critical thoughts can drop in however I then connect back to her I have clearer direction, I have confidence in myself and sharing my work openly. Making decisions, taking action and being brave all comes more easily when I am connected.

I feel more solid, more in my body and now being post-menopause, I am eager to truly step into my wise woman self.

Being a High Priestess is a very different feeling to being a priestess. Much more of being a leader, but of self rather than of others.

~ Rebecca Millar, Star of Gaia High Priestess

Activating Your High Priestess will enhance and enliven Every Aspect of Your Life!

You will be able to not only access the richness​ and rekindle the magic of life, but you will be able to share it with those you love in a more profound way.

The world needs women right now from every walk of life and business who are aligned with SACRED WISDOM.

In light of the massive change rate and the serious environmental issues we are facing we need those who are willing to HOLD SPACE for co-creative solutions to EMERGE.

~ Lisa Michaels

There is no choice but to become aligned with who you truly are. Anything that is not resonant with your High Priestess energies will fall away and that includes people, stuff, dietary changes…..the benefits of becoming who you are truly meant to be are that you will attract the right vibrational energy towards you. I am way more boundaried around my time and energy. Since I emerged as a High Priestess, I am feeling more aligned and being willing to say exactly who I am. I do not feel the need to be a people pleaser simply to be liked.​​ This is a huge part of what has come up and I’ve been willing to sit in the discomfort so that I can come out of the other side.​ I finally like who I am and I am really proud of myself for having the courage to follow this path. It’s okay to be me! ​

My intuition and my determination to support our planet in stepping into the new dawn we can all see, is stronger than ever. My peaceful warrior is very prominent!​If you have heard the call of the High Priestess, then you know this process is for you. It will change your life, the transformations are incredible and you will never look back. I heard the call and answered it without hesitation and I’m so glad I did!”

~ Esta Robertson, Star of Gaia New Earth High Priestess

The transformational gifts you experience by taking the Star of Gaia New Earth High Priestess Process
  • 28 modules of the High Priestess Process delivered “live” with Sara Estelle and recorded if you are not able to join us live

  • Support and Guidance to EnVision and Co-Create the New Earth of your own mystery school through your own energy field and guidance

  • 1 x 1:1 Personal Crystalline Grid Activation with Sara Estelle during your 9 months

  • Space Holding by Sara Estelle during these 9 months

  • Access to join your Fellow Priestess Sisters on a secret Facebook forum

PLUS You get these generous bonuses, valued at over £800

Your Flower High Priestess

Explore the use of flower essences to clear the 2nd chakra via internal use and yoni rituals.

(Value £497)

Crystalline Grid Activations

Activate your own Crystalline Grid for the entire process and each week will be embed your intentions and transformations into the Crystalline Grid

Manifesting with the Moon

Continued access to my online programme that includes “live” group alignments each New Moon

(Value £297).

Are you being called to continue your journey as a Sovereign Female Leader?

Pay in full and receive a 30-minute 1:1 consultation with Sara Estelle, that can be taken before we begin if you wish, and 3 personally chosen MoonFlower Essences.

Pricing Options

Pay in Full (and get 1:1 bonus)


12 Easy Monthly Payments

12 X  £150

Since emerging from this process, I have a greater connection to working with the elements, to nature and the flow of the universe. I’ve experienced an increased flow of my unique gifts, a greater understanding of self and working with my shadow sides. Bringing in the flow and energy of gold for healing and abundance has been a wonderful benefit, as well as having a deeper connection to my intuition and spiritual guidance. I have a clearer connection to the planets and how they inform my life and who I am. My vibration feels higher and uplevelled. I am more in touch with who I am and feel a sense of peace. Being a High Priestess is who I am in all that I do in my life and in my business.

If you are called to uplevel and deepen your Priestess work, energy and connection follow your heart! The High Priestess process will give you a greater understanding of yourself and what you are here to do. You will gain a deeper connection to the elements and your celestial sky team. it is a journey of self-discovery, and it will amaze you and bring unexpected changes which may be challenging but always emotionally clearing and bring positive change to your life.

~ Carina Remnant, Star of Gaia High Priestess

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not able to join the meetings live. Will this affect my experience?

No. As we have women taking part potentially from different time zones, it will be normal and absolutely okay if you are not able to attend live. The sacred energy of each week’s material will be embedded in the call and you will experience it in the recording. Our forum is here to support you as you take this journey.

You also have 1 bonus alignment to take with Sara Estelle during the High Priestess Process PLUS time in our live group calls each New Moon.

I am already taking part in other courses and am not sure I have the time.

The Star of Gaia High Priestess Process is a deeply personal experience and of connecting to your BEing self. You will know if you are meant to take part right now. Trust your Inner Guidance.

I am not able to take part right now - will be you running a Star of Gaia High Priestess Process again?

I hope so but cannot guarantee this – if you would like me to inform you if and when the next one runs, please email me and I will make sure you are informed.

The High Priestess Process runs just once a year and if it does run again, it will be in Autumn 2024.