The Star of Gaia Priestess Process

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A Guidebook for the Modern Day Priestess

A Guidebook for the Modern Day Priestess offers you 4 Divinely Feminine Ways to Show Up and Shine.

Have you ever felt as if there is something missing in your life?
If you are looking for a safe passage through to living your purpose, then read on…

Are you here to do something greater with your life but you just don’t know what it is ?

Do you feel different, lonely and misunderstood by those around you?

You have an armful of qualifications but know you are not living your life to its highest potential?

Are you guided to live your life guided by the sacred rhythms of the Earth and the Stars?

Are you ready to gain access to and trust deeper levels of intuition and spiritual guidance?

Are you ready to activate your inner gifts and step into your power?

The journey of a Priestess is to embody her sacred purpose on earth. And for that she first needs to know exactly who she is and love herself deeply as that.

The Star of Gaia Priestess Process is a journey of deep embodiment back to your Source Self.

If you have been struggling with moving forwards in life as YOU, this journey may be for YOU.

What is a Modern Day Priestess?
A Priestess is an archetype of sovereign female spirituality.

She is a woman who owns her own authority and holds a direct connection to her Spiritual Source.

She trusts her own intuition and inner wisdom and does not look outside of herself for her path forwards.

A Modern Day Priestess may be:


✨ A woman caring for her children at home.

✨ A visible healer in her own right.

✨ Walking the boardrooms of the world…

Or somewhere in between. 

Her inner spiritual guidance does not come from any particular religion or culture – she may follow and respect a particular way of relating to the Divine or she may hold allegiance to herself only.

A Priestess holds the interface between Heaven and Earth.

All women have this ability just waiting to awaken within them.

By drawing down your own spiritual energy through your body, you manifest on Earth what YOU are here to do.

You become a “hollow bone” and through the Priestess Process begins to empty your body of all that is not in alignment with what you are here to do.

Hello, I am Sara Estelle,

High Priestess in the lineage of Nicole Christine, Lisa Michaels and Kathy Forest.

I am the Founder and Visionary of the Essentially Flowers Centre for Flower and Vibrational Essences, Elemental Archetype Business Academy, and the Star of Gaia Priestess Process.

My healing journey began over 30 years ago following the early loss of my father.  Seeking help from an essence practitioner, my energy and well-being returned, and life continued.  Yet something within me had been awoken and healing from the grief of losing my father, I was opened to the gift of transforming my own health and life path with flowers, gems, and the devic kingdom as my guide.

A deepening of my healing took place throughout my 30s and into my 40s, as I walked the path of infertility and with essences guiding me all of the way.  Miscarrying our daughter brought the gift of an opening to my life work and a deep inner knowing that an energy had passed through me that would change my life forever. And it did.

In 2011, I founded my own Essence Training School and since then we have graduated over 85 wonderful souls whose lives were changed through deep connection with nature.

I went from being a struggling, burned out, and deeply unhappy teacher to now living in France with my partner and a beautiful business that opens my heart each day.

This was my reaction when I saw Sara’s email about the Priestess Process, I was immediately drawn to it & knew I was to follow it. It is an immensely personal journey of finding out about myself, my place in this world & how I can best be of service (but not a servant).

My Priestess self is awakening, it is beautiful & strong. I am learning how to use the Elements & my Shamanic astrology to serve myself and therefore the planet. This follows so well the Diploma in Flower & Vibrational Essences I followed with Sara a few years ago. This process is bringing so much together for me, all that nature can teach us. I’m so glad I listened to my heart to follow this path, it’s an amazing discovery of self.”

~ Chris Martin, Star of Gaia Priestess

The transformational gifts you experience by taking the Star of Gaia Priestess Process
Finally owning your Sovereign nature – a deep inner knowing of who you are and what you are here to do.
Deeply Exploring your own own specific frequency of your Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine. All of you is needed to Feel Complete and Whole.
Being guided through life by the rhythms of nature and allowing yourself to be supported as you co-create with Gaia.
Allowing yourself to feel deeply and thereby heal all parts of yourself. To connect with your heart to allow the flow of life energy that naturally and always runs through you to magnify and magnetise through its true vibration what you wish for towards you.
Being able to stand on your own two feet through your own creations and setting in place solid structures to support your life and business. Finally you allow yourself to be held by the Earth.
Feeling more confident in your ability to be the Leader of your own life and business and take aligned and bold, consistent action towards the life you are here to manifest.
Being fully congruent with your ability to bring not just your spiritual gifts to the earth through your body, but also be highly comfortable with earning the money you need to bring this to life from within – nourishing you financially, those you love and benefiting all, including our beautiful Earth.

“For me taking the Priestess course, is more of a Journey within, the most beautiful Journey in awakening graciously and gracefully to my inner self, my true self, the wisdom that lies within.

Rediscovering my dormant gifts. And to share these gifts that seem to be emerging slowly to honour my process, to find my beauty within…the one that was shared with other women, at another time, as a connection to Mother Earth.

Becoming a Priestess is also all about self-care, with the honouring of my true self, checking in on what She needs.

I am so very grateful that I listened to the call.”

~ Sylvie Chartrand, Star of Gaia Priestess

You Know You Are Needed Now
And Gaia – our beautiful planet – is just waiting for you to step forward and Say YES! She will do the rest…

Our planet “Gaia” is in great need right now of women just like you who are ready to awaken to and align with their true calling.

The Star of Gaia Priestess Process can support you in embodying this process.

How the Star of Gaia Priestess Process Works…
  • Weekly content delivered in live meetings with Sara Estelle over 9 months – the time it takes for a seed to implant, grow into its own form of life and then be birthed through a female body.
  • All materials are presented through 1 hour (approximately) meetings each week delivered “live” with Sara Estelle via Zoom meetings and recorded if you cannot attend live. On occasions the meeting times may change and you will be given full notice.
  • Materials are held in sacred space on the website of Sara Estelle – and full access will be given to these materials for your 9 month journey and then held there for the following 9 months.
  • Expect to feel joy, cry, open your heart and body and dance.
  • The process is self proclaimed and witnessed by others members of the group.
PLUS You get these generous bonuses, valued at over £800

Become a Flower Priestess

Explore 3 bonus presentations where you will learn about the gifts of nature and flower essences.

(Value £497)

Crystalline Grid Activations

Activate your own Crystalline Grid for the entire process and each week will be embed your intentions and transformations into the Crystalline Grid

Manifesting with the Moon

Continued access to my online programme that includes “live” group alignments each New Moon

(Value £297).

Frequently Asked Questions
I am not able to join the meetings live. Will this affect my experience?
No. As we have women taking part potentially from different time zones, it will be normal and absolutely okay if you are not able to attend live. The sacred energy of each week’s material will be embedded in the call and you will experience it in the recording. Our forum is here to support you as you take this journey.

You also have 1 bonus alignment to take with Sara Estelle during the Priestess Process PLUS time in our live group calls each New Moon.

I am already taking part in other courses and am not sure I have the time.
The Star of Gaia Priestess Process is a deeply personal experience and of connecting to your BEing self. You will know if you are meant to take part right now. Trust your Inner Guidance.
I'd like to ask you a few questions before I join - is this possible?
Absolutely – you are very welcome to book a free Clarity Session with me.
Here is the link to my diary – please cut and paste to your browser and find a day and time to suit you.

“The Priestess journey took me on a deep and beautiful dive into my inner feminine. The place of self love, nurturing and nourishment. The place of creation, of transformation, of understanding myself and why I am here on a deeper level. It helped me to align more with my true self, to accpet all of who I am and to make changes in my life to honour and support those aspects of myself. It guided me through connecting and balancing my masculine and feminine energies which has rippled out and brought more harmony into my life.

I experienced the elements in my body, which I realised up until that point, had been concepts in my head rather than embodied experiences. My connection with the Earth has deepened greatly and I now feel so much more supported.

I loved every part of this process, but my favourite parts were the sacred ceremonies, initiations and journeys to find my own insights and inner wisdom. As someone who works in a corporate, masculine environment, this journey has taught me how to honour and nurture my feminine energies and bring more balance and softness into my life. If your Inner Priestess is calling, I would highly recommend this wonderful journey!

~ Clare Troy, Star of Gaia Priestess